Quarter Shopping Center
1400 W. Walnut Avenue, Suite #125
Rogers, AR 72756

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Trust the only accredited gold and silver buyer in Arkansas!
Hello Northwest Arkansas! Welcome to the true seller's market for gold, silver
and coins! During the past few months in Arkansas, the price of precious metals
has skyrocketed. That means you can convert your old, broken and unwanted
jewelry into cold hard cash!

Selling scrap gold, silver and coins is easy, fast and lucrative. NWA Gold and
Silver makes the process as easy as a trip to one of our four convenient
locations in Bentonville, Hot Springs, Springdale or Fort Smith. We can evaluate
your items and offer instant cash on the spot!

As a reliable, well-established gold and silver buyer, we can help you convert all
your unwanted items into cash. We are well-respected in our communities, and
work hard to maintain the credibility and trust we have built over the years. We
are the only accredited gold and silver buyer in the state of Arkansas.
Additionally, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau where we have an
excellent rating.

When we evaluate your items, we will be looking to see if the items contain gold
or other precious metals and gems. We will also take note of the purity of the
metals and quality of the stones. Finally, we will find the weight of the gold, silver
and gems. The amount we pay will reflect the value of the precious metals and
stones, not the value of the item itself.

We pay higher prices per ounce than any of our competitors. That means you
will walk out of our shop with more cash in hand than anywhere else!

To help guide you through the process of selecting items to bring in, keep the
following in mind:

1. We recycle all types of old, broken or unwanted jewelry

2. You can sell the entire piece, or keep the gemstones

3. We buy class rings, chains, pendants, and casings

4. We buy old, rare, and foreign coins

5. Safety and security is our #1 priority

6. We have years of experience and excellent credentials

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