If you thought  Earth Google was good check this out Art Project by Google
Click on a room in a museum like Palace of Versailles - Hall of Mirrors
zoom in to any spot on the wall, any picture.  Zoom in to one inch on any old
zoom in to the ceiling, fireplace, floor, anything.
If that isn't enough check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art and others
Mountain slide show - click on "open" only
30,000 + songs for free - search and play
Stardust by
Nat King Cole--- by Willie Nelson ---by Hoagy Carmichael ---by Jo
--by Johnny Mathis ---by Dave Brubeck -- by Louis Armstrong --by Artie Shaw
Louie Prima (new)
Another Prima song   Felicia No Capicia    Type in "Prima" for list of songs  Just
a Gigolo (skip ad)

FlightAware-check live flight tracking from any airport including Rogers
A little politics
Kerry Time Line - It all started because of the USS Gridley
Earth Google-download this program and have fun with the world
Fuel Cells-learn how they work
Snow Crystals- this site is all about snow crystals and snowflakes
Coin Harvey-a little bit of history in Rogers, AR
Spices-info about different spices
Acronymfinder---from ASAP to zzz
my.myway.com---news, stocks with no ads, banners, pop-ups
Books Online---20,000 plus
Taking the
Voodoo out of tax cuts
Jan-Baptiste Say in 1803     of Taxation in 1803 History of economic's

California Coast-Digital photos of every inch of oceanfront
Famous Places-aerial photos

Google News-information culled from approximately 4,000 news sources
Kaleidoscope Painter-Phyllis likes this interesting Kaleidoscope--six patterns     
simple jigsaw
Recursive Lines-interesting patterns     Image Warp       Simple games
Coach John Wooden--Pyramid of Success
Top Secret Recipes -all the restaurants info
MS Word--nice FAQ on how to use Microsoft Word
Skeet Shooting
Stuttering Help
The Open Door--Immigration Studies
Newspapers of the World--USA and the World
Fast Facts by RefDesk
All The Tests.com--bunch of tests--sure to entertain and surprise you
World Wide Words--get on their mailing list to learn new words--interesting
-tic tac toe       Lights Out-tough
Any day in history
Think like Einstein--short test
Ultimate White Page--try this by searching for your own name and phone
Search Bug--find about anything
RefDesk-need some information
IXquick--Another search engine
Vocabulary--Look up--display meaning of words from websites.
Days left in the year
San Francisco Great Earthquake and Fire: Early Films of San Francisco,
Abraham Lincoln Papers--comprises approximately 61,000 images