The Anchor
The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club
Sun was setting behind me to the west.

The camera is pointing towards the east

Reflection on water is from the clouds

March 29, 2015
Same as above but
with pano mode
Beaver Lake,
Thank you Becky & Kirby for being Presidents of the Boat Club from when Len & Geri Oswald laid down the gavel till now! You’ve
done a fabulous job!! Thank You!
Nancy had offered to share those responsibilities when we got home from wintering in AZ. We’re back and got “tagged”!
Who could have forecast a pandemic, economic shutdown, social distancing, and everything else that has happened since the
beginning of March, but it seems like an eternity already!
It’s disturbing to go from being an older adult living life to the fullest to being a “vulnerable” target of an enemy we can’t even see!
We are in strange times!

Although “reopening” is underway, Arkansas is limiting restaurants to 33% of capacity and groups to ten or under (and masks) –
same for any enclosed gathering which must additionally facilitate six feet of social distancing.
There isn’t a limit on numbers if the gathering is outside, provided that six feet of social distancing can be maintained (masks are still

Hopefully within a month or so, restaurant capacities and group sizes will be increased!

The bottom line for the Boat Club is, by and large, we truly are a “vulnerable group” and until there is a vaccine and proven drug
therapies we are at risk. Each of us will have to make a personal assessment of our own, personal health risk, and the risks we are
willing to take to socialize at this time. The risks are real and the neither the Boat Club, its officers, nor its members can mitigate
those risks or be held responsible for anyone getting the virus as a result of attending a Boat Club activity or event.
You will attend any activity/event at your own risk!!
We believe it is too early to organize a Boat Club event given the current Arkansas Covid-19 guidelines. When allowable group sizes
go up we will organize restaurant outings and some outdoor venues weather permitting. We’d welcome your ideas for things we can
do within the guidelines. If the social distancing rules are ever relaxed (kinda doubtful) we can organize some in-home events.
Until we all can get together – be safe and healthy!

Please Mark Your Calendars
Nothing scheduled at this time

From The President
Have you paid your Boat Club dues for this year ($15 per household)?
If you haven’t, but still want to be a member, send a check made out to: NWA Boat Club, to Ann Duker, 8648 Blue Water Ridge,
Rogers, 72756.
If you’d like to drop your membership, please send me an email:

May, 2020 Events
None planned at this time Up-Coming Events
Nothing Scheduled

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Go out of your way to wish the following members a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary this month:
Joe Fisher                      April 7        Birthday
Amy Fisher                    April 17      Birthday
Len & Geri Oswald        May 8        Anniversary
Barbara Reeh                May 17      Birthday
Chris Oswald                 May 7         Birthday
Mike & Jill Hampton      May 19      Anniversary
Dean & Joni Oestreich  May 20     Anniversary
Karen Stadie                 May 24      Birthday
Carol Wolfe                   May 31       Birthday
If your Birthday or Anniversary was not listed it means that our database is not up-to-date.
In that case, please let me know so that I can update it

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