The Anchor
The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club
Sun was setting behind me to the west.

The camera is pointing towards the east

Reflection on water is from the clouds

March 29, 2015
Same as above but
with pano mode
Beaver Lake,
The Anchor
The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club

August 2019
Please Mark Your Calendars
August  7th, 14th,21st, 28th,:  Wednesdays, 9:00AM.  
     Breakfast Ad Hoc meeting at Sams Olde Tyme Restaurant. Everyone is Welcome.

August 15th, Thursday. Swim/Float at the Turner’s Dock at 4pm.

August  25th, Sunday, 3:00 PM, Carol Wolfe’s dock,  Annual Poker Run

From The President
The Annual Pancake Breakfast at the Reeh’s house was Awesome!  We had a great turn out ( 36) even with the warm weather,  
The food was wonderful.  Thanks to Kirby (our head chef).  We had  regular and Blueberry pancakes. Egg dishes and fruit dishes
were provided by various members. The Reeh’s provided Bloody Marys & Mimosas. The Francis’ provided Margarita’s. I would
like to thank  Greg Duker (for helping Kirby). Thanks to everyone else who helped with the clean up, it made short work of the
chore. An added bonus was watching the Big Boats speed by. We had the proverbial 50 yard line seats. What a beautiful view
from the Reeh’s deck.

On July 12th we had a bigger turn out than expected at JJ’s on the Lake for lunch. We just commandeered the big corner table.
Another great event.

On Tuesday July 23 we had a Swim/Float day at Carol Wolfe’s dock. Thanks Carol. We had a wonderful time just bobbing up and
down in the water. Just a very relaxing afternoon.

August, 2019 Events
August 15, Thursday, Swim/Float event at the Turner’s Dock at 4pm. Bring a snack to share and BYOB. Oh, yea, and a swim suit.

August 25th, Sunday, 3:00 PM, meet at Carol Wolfe’s dock for the annual Poker Run with potluck & (BYOB) following.  
The ever popular Poker Run. This year we will be assisted by Greg & Ann Duker. It will  commence from Carol Wolfe’s dock.     
 Meet there by 3:00 PM. Anyone that needs a ride to Carol’s dock is welcome to call me it they want a ride from my house.
Valuable prizes will be won:  First Prize of $50.00  (plus the traveling trophy), Second Prize of $30.00 , Third Prize of $20.00 , and
the Booby Prize is a chance to possess the “Billy Bass” for one year.
If it’s hot & it probably will be, plan on swimming!  If there are any changes, I’ll let you know.

Up-Coming Events                       
September 14th – Saturday 4pm
Progressive Dinner on the lake. ( one of the club favorites!) Kirby & Becky will coordinate this event.

October  – Dogs and S’mores at the Stadie’s home. Stay tuned

November – Soup and Something at the Duker’s home.

December 7th,  – Christmas Dinner at Crabby’s  – 5:30pm.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Go out of your way to wish the following members a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary this month:
John Lineberger        August        8           Birthday
Mark & Karen Stadie  August        20        Anniversary
Janean Grogan           August        24        Birthday
Greg Ducker               August        26        Birthday
If your Birthday or Anniversary was not listed it means that our database is not up-to-date.  In that case, please let me know so
that I can update it.

Bulletin Board
Boat Club Related Items For Sale
$2.00 each - Maps of Beaver Lake - They are 8 ½” x 11”, laminated and are complete with lots of interesting facts about the lake.
$8.00 each - Northwest Arkansas Boat Club Caps.
$6.00 each – NWA  Boat Club Flags
$10.86 each – NWA Boat Club “bling” insignia.

Call Len Oswald @ 479-925-11493 to buy any of the above.